The e-INIS project is a collaboration between key national infrastructure providers and institutional participants.

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
-The School of Cosmic Physics
The School of Cosmic Physics promotes the use of Physics in increasing our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. the school is a leading international centre for studies of the Earth and the Universe, providing a focus within Ireland for these areas of research and facilitating Irish involvement in relevant international programmes.

The role of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies within the e-INIS project includes:
  • Management and coordination of the project
  • Promotion of awareness, collaboration and uptake through the development and delivery of an outreach programme
  • Funding the acquisition of a capability computing system to be operated by ICHEC

-The Irish Centre for High-End Computing
The Irish Centre for High-End Computing was established to provide researchers with access to a large-scale, national high-end computing facility, and to extend both the computational capacity and computational science expertise of Ireland.

As part of its participation in the project, ICHEC will:
  • Provide and manage physical infrastructural resources including capacity and capability computing systems
  • Continue to provide access to these resources on the basis of independent peer review
  • Provide expert scientific support staff to assist in the effective use of the services
  • Organise regular training courses around the country
  • Participate in Framework Programme 7 (FP7) initaitives involving HPC

-Ireland's National Research and Education Network
HEAnet provides high quality Internet Services to Irish Universities, Institutes of Technology and to the research and educational community. It plays an essential role in facilitating leading edge research involving national and international collaborations between Irish researchers and students and their colleagues across the globe.

As part of its commitment to the e-INIS project, HEAnet will:
  • Provide research networking infrastructure and specialist networking support
  • Develop, together with Grid-Ireland, a federated national identity service
  • Participate in FP7 programmes involving networking
  • Provide a redundant backup for the main Grid-Ireland operations centre

-Ireland's National Grid Infrastructure
Grid-Ireland is a managed layer above the HEAnet network that provides grid services to Irish and international researchers. The aim is to enable communities of users, for example, astrophysicists, geneticists or linguists, to construct virtual organizations above Grid-Ireland.

The key contributions of Grid-Ireland include:
  • Coordinating Grid services on behalf of all Irish virtual organisations
  • Piloting grid-enabled data services
  • Upgrading and extend its gateway systems
  • Capturing idle computing laboratory time for task farming applications
  • Developing and promote its innovative adaptive e-Learning package
  • Participating in FP7 programmes involving Grid technology

National University of Ireland, Galway
-The Centre for Astronomy
NUI, Galway has been an active participant in many of the national HPC initiatives to date. Launched in January 2007, the Centre for Astronomy is a new initiative bringing together all the astronomy research and teaching activities in NUI Galway. Members of the centre carry out research in Astronomy, Astronomical Instrumentation, and Computational Astrophysics.

The contributions of the Centre for Astronomy include:
  • Continued support of the established HPC expertise and resources in NUI,G
  • Collaboration in the provision of a distributed data centre including hardware, personnel, and support.
  • Supporting the acquisition and operation of a capability computing system
  • Participation in and EU projects on virtual observatories and other distributed data curation projects.

University College Cork
-The Boole Centre for Research in Informatics
The Boole Centre for Research in Informatics is an ambitious project bringing together the expertise of the School of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Computer Science at University College Cork to carry out interdisciplinary research under the banner of Informatics.

The Boole Centre for Research in Informatics will undertake a number of activities in the support of the e-INIS project, including:
  • Collaboration with ICHEC to construct part of the national data store
  • Fulfilling the role of data and associated compute hub for the southern part of the country
  • The provision of resources to ICHEC and Grid-Ireland through high priority queues
  • The contribution of expertise in data management and workflow execution

Trinity College Dublin
-The Trinity Centre fo High Performance Computing
Founded in 1997, the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing (TCHPC) is Ireland's premier academic High Performance Computing Centre providing large-scale Super computing, Data management and Visualization facilities for Trinity College, Dublin. The Centre's primary mission is to facilitate research, across a wide range of disciplines, that requires expertise in advanced computing techniques.

The contributions of the Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing include:
  • The support of established HPC expertise and resources
  • Collaboration with ICHEC and the leveraging of common expertise to provide a national high performance interconnect cluster service
  • Further participation in European projects in the area of HPC

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

The Bioinformatics@NUIM initiative is a collection of NUIM laboratories working in the areas of bioinformatics, genetics and evolutionary biology. The overall goal is to understand the diversity of life on the planet. The initiative addresses this issue primarily from a computational perspective, but also from the perspective of palaeontology, biochemistry and cellular biology.

As part of it’s role in the e-INIS federation, Bioinformatics@NUIM has undertaken to:
  • Develop, in collaboration with ICHEC, a national biotechnology and computational biology information and analysis resource
  • Develop a demonstrator project to showcase the application of the e-Infrastructure

Associate Partners

University College Dublin
-Research IT

The UCD Research IT Service provides a range of services designed to support and facilitate researchers in their use of IT as an enabler for their research activities. Their range of services is developing to reflect the needs of the research community.

The contributions of UCD Reseach IT to the e-INIS project include:
  • Distributed storage testing
  • Storage technology watch
  • Support and adoption of networking and federated identity management activities