While the e-INIS federation is dedicated to supporting a wide range of research activities, a number of demonstrator projects have been chosen to act as early adopters / exemplars. The varying diciplines of these example applications is intended to demonstrate the wide range of research activities that can be supported by, and benefit from, e-Infrastructures.

The Digital Humanities Observatory (DHO) is a key component of the Humanities Servicing Irish Society (HSIS) consortium funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) under PRTLI Cycle 4.

The objectives of the DHO include the management and co-ordination of the increaingly complex e-resources that are created and consumed within the arts and humanities diciplines. Thanks to the work of the DHO, researchers in Ireland will be able to gain improved understanding of the creation, use, and preservation of digital resources.

The e-INIS project will support the activities of the DHO by providing resources and expertise. Specific activities include the creation of a current research information system for humanities research on the island of Ireland, along with the promotion of uptake of the ICT resources offered by the national e-Infrastructure.

Bioinformatics@NUIM is a collection of laboratories at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth working in the areas of bioinformatics, Genetics and evolutionary biology. The initiative aims to understand the diversity of life on the planet and approaches the problem largely from a computational perspective.

As partners in the e-INIS project, Bioinformatics@NUIM will develop a national biotechnology and computational biology information and analysis resource. The group will also encourage the uptake of e-infrastructure resources among the scientific community by demonstrating their applications and advantages.